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Hey. I can't download the game for Linux from the app.-

Nvr mind, got the dropbox link from webpage.

3D TV VR box google cardboard side by side sbs stereoscopic 3d

The game is intereting and tough of course. That's what I love. The is a good game but some details will need to be improved.


1.Sometimes when the aircraft come out from the hanger, landing gears stuck into the ground and explode. (The Mechanical arm will have to turn the plane around and in the process the landing gears stuck into the ground. )

2.When the craft is damaged to about 60% remaining, the aircraft often "jumps" by itself unreasonably and becomes uncontrollable. 


1.A Reset  button which aims to reset the game save data should be added in to the menu. A starter can easily destroy a save data (for lack of money on repairing) while he/she can hardly restore the save data.(I have to edit the save data by myself in order to continue the game.)

2.I'm not quite sure about how to use the "VTOL/Plane Mode" option. 

Finally, hope this game can be developed into a successful game.

Is there a date for a steam version? 

Be sure to keep up the Linux support :)

Follow us on FB - so you can be always informed of news. :)


I had no idea what to expect going in, but I can see how someone could lose themselves to this for for dozens of hours. It's a bit bare bones right now, but this is the framework for something really interesting! Fantastic work devs!

the download isnt working here :(

Whats the problem? Did the dropbox open?

nothing happens thats the problem :/ and idk if is here or not :/

try using the direct download instead: like this

Pop up blockers can prevent external links for games on itch from being accessed, might want to tell people to allow pop ups on this page! Hope that helps a bit!


Are you not able to upload the game to us? It will work a lot better. If you need more spacer contact support: